Divine Relief… 5 acupressure points that will help you banish stress, anxiety and pain.

I was visiting a local primary school today – they’re having a World of Work week and I was invited along to chat to them about my occupation.  As well as talking about my work, I love being able to demonstrate just how effective the techniques I use on a daily basis really are and for young school students aged between 10 and 12 years old, acupressure is a great technique to demonstrate to them.  It can be good fun, easy to demonstrate with very obvious and pleasant results!  I’ve listed a few points below that with help you relax, sleep better and generally cope better with everyday stress just by massaging and applying pressure to these tiny points on your ears, hands or body.

Two of these points, Shen Men and Point Zero, are known as Master Points in Chinese Ear Acupuncture  and are so useful and effective that they are used in most treatment protocols. Generally speaking, treating these points brings the body and mind back into balance so I often  recommend to clients that they get into the habit of massaging these points first thing in the morning (to help energise and relax) and just before bedtime (to help balance and relax).

Give it a go! Let me know how you get on.

For everyday stress and anxiety and for helping you sleep.

Shen Men (also known as ‘Spirit Gate’ or ‘Divine Gate’ in Traditional Chinese Medicine) – helps clear the mind and calm the spirit. As one of the Master points and most often used points, Shen Men helps alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, low mood, restlessness and  insomnia. Shen Men is also one of the main ear points used in the detoxification of drugs, alcohol and in the treatment of substance abuse. Shen Men is also located on your wrist so if you’re finding it a bit tricky to find the right spot on your ear you’ll find this one easily!

Point Zero – is often associated with the solar plexus area in the body. When this point is treated it helps calm the mind and body as well as encouraging the body to return to a more balanced state.

These ear points can be treated with special tiny ear pellets called  CalmPoints (TM) that are applied to the ears with a tiny clear plaster. The pellets will apply gentle, continuous pressure to these points helping you feel calm and relaxed.  You can purchase these ear pellets at CalmPoint Acupuncture. 

For pain – especially good for pain in the head/face/neck – headaches, migraine, toothache.

Hegu (translated ‘Joining Valley’) – is one of the most often used acupuncture points. It is the main point used for pain anywhere in the body.


Knee pain, stiff neck & shoulders, tennis elbow, joint pain?  Feeling irritable and ‘stuck’?

GB34 Acupressure Point.jpgHere’s another useful point for you to add to your self-care 1st aid acupressure tool box. This one is a very popular acupuncture point which can be used to help treat stiffness, tension or tightness in the muscles and joints. It’s great for knee pain, calf pain and foot pain (a great point to use if you’re a keen jogger). It’s also a great point for neck and shoulder stiffness, arm and hand pain as well as tennis elbow.

This point is also used to help address emotional stress, feelings of stuckness and irritability as it can help our muscles relax and encourage deep relaxed breathing.

This point is located on the outer side of your leg just below the knee joint – where your trouser seam would be. Find the bony prominence just below the knee joint and then slide your finger down and to the front of this bony prominence you’ll find your finger naturally slide into a little dip – that’s GB24 (short for Gall Bladder 24 which is the name given to the point).

Have fun with the points and do let me know how you get on!

acupressure instructions.jpg

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