Maybe it’s the menopause…?

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I came across this article recently “34 Menopause Symptoms”.  I’ve seen so many clients recently who have had a variety of problems, both physical and emotional, that they (or their health care professionals) initially didn’t contribute to the menopause, so it seems like a good time to share it here.

When thinking about the menopause most people think about hot flushes and weight gain but there are so many other physical and emotional symptoms that might also be attributable to this time of change in our lives. It can be a relief to know that your symptoms are a normal part of the menopause (regardless of how uncomfortable/distressing they might be) and that you’re not “going crazy” as one client recently said.

One of the benefits of recognising that your symptoms might be because of your hormones (or lack of them…) you are then in a better position to treat those symptoms appropriately. Have a look at the link – you might find it helpful in identifying some of your own symptoms.

There are lots of ways to help make this life transition easier and HRT may be one of them. I know lots of women who’ve had a whole new lease of life as a result of taking HRT but I also know others who’ve not had the same benefits and have instead opted for a more natural/non-pharmacological approach. A more natural approach might include for example herbs, yoga, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, etc. I get good results with hypnotherapy and acupuncture, especially auricular (ear) acupuncture, when treating clients in my practice. I recently met up with the lovely Carol Smillie of Pretty Clever Pants  Pretty Clever Pants are protective pants for periods, leaks and incontinence and they’re perfect for those little leaks that can all too often happen during the menopause.

So, there are many different ways of managing the changes that take place during the menopausal years and although one method worked for your best friend don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work for you – remember that what works for one might not work for another. It might take a little time to find out what’s best for you but there is help out there and it might just be the breath of fresh air you’re looking for.

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