By day I’m an experienced Life & Health Consultant, Coach and Trainer. My almost 30 years’ experience in the field have taught me that health and well being are more that just the absence of disease and with this in mind my aim is always to provide a peaceful, healing space that supports my clients to reconnect with the harmony and balance within their body, mind and spirit.  Over the years, I’ve worked with clients on an individual and group basis within the public and private sectors including corporate, voluntary and community organisations.

My professional training includes motivational life coaching, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, emotional freedom techniques, Kinesiology Touch for Health, Chinese and Western acupuncture, auricular medicine, food therapy and foods for life, complementary therapies (aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, Reiki), and addiction counselling. My educational journey also includes achieving a Batchelor’s Degree in Adult Nursing and gaining extensive experience as Therapist/Nurse Practitioner within palliative and hospice care.  As you can see my training over the years has included learning many different healing modalities, energy work and personal empowerment techniques. I’ve learned and gratefully received teachings from some of the best in their field. Everything I’ve learned has influenced both my professional and personal life.  Those experiences have deepened my personal and spiritual belief that we are all connected and that a conscious, mindful and heart-based way of life is the only peaceful way forward.  It has been and continues to be an amazing journey for me – long may it continue!

I currently divide my time between seeing patients in my clinical practice based in Renfrewshire, near Glasgow, Scotland, writing and teaching workshops. In my spare time I love reading, walking, cycling, jewellery making, knitting and macramé. I love spending time with my family too.

Here on the blog I hope to share information about health, wellness, and occasionally my thoughts & ponderings about life in general. Use the drop-down menus to search for blog posts of interest to you. My hope is that you’ll find my blog posts helpful, informative and inspiring. If you have any health or wellness topics you’d like me to write about do let me know!

Happy reading and thanks for your interest in my blog!

With Love, Light and Gratitude to You